On Halloween, Lamb of God kicked off their inaugural Headbangers Boat concert cruise. While the seafaring event featured numerous crushing metal performances from bands including LoG, Hatebreed, Testament, Lacuna Coil and GWAR, it took a dark turn when a passenger went overboard.

In a Facebook post calling Headbangers Boat “truly one of the most special celebrations of heavy metal,” Lamb of God notes, “It was shocking that a joyous occasion could so quickly turn tragic.”

“While we don’t know all of the specifics, we know every single person on that boat is part of our family, and we witnessed everyone onboard experience grief at the loss of one of our own,” LoG writes. “We couldn’t have been more proud of how the metal community on board rallied together to support each other and celebrate heavy metal in the only way we know how.”

The bands adds, “This music community truly is just that — a community.”

According to People, the passenger remains missing after an unsuccessful search. A spokesperson for Norwegian Cruise Line said, “Our thoughts and prayers are with [the passenger’s] loved ones during this difficult time.”

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