Korn guitarist Brian “Head” Welch has partnered with a mental health treatment center called Atlantic Behavioral Health.

The clinic is located in Wilmington, Massachusetts, and will also serve those in New Hampshire. A press release states, “With a focus on anxiety, depression, and other mental health disorders, Atlantic Behavioral Health combines individual therapy, group therapy, and medication management in a supportive outpatient program.”

“I will never, ever forget the depths of the dark energy that lived upstairs in my mind, many years ago,” Welch says. “It was truly like living in an emotional dungeon with zero light, and I couldn’t find the key to get out.”

“Partnering with Atlantic is so personal to me and not just another business to invest in,” he continues. “I know what it feels like to live at the bottom of a dark pit, but I also know if you put in the work, the light will come back on, and Atlantic is going to help so many people find that light switch.”

For more info, visit AtlanticBehavioralHealth.com.

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