Our media partner 1011 Now reports a woman driving with a two-year-old boy sitting on a case of beer in the back seat was placed on probation in a Kearney hit-and-run case.

Court records indicate the police arrested Katherine Schroder, 28, Elm Creek, June 2, 2018, after a hit-and-run accident in the 400 block of Second Avenue. Police discovered the two-year-old in the back seat sitting on a case of beer. They also discovered a loaded assault rifle, an unloaded .22 caliber rifle and an unloaded shotgun next to the boy. A preliminary breath test indicated that Schroder had a .431 blood alcohol contest, which is more than five times the legal limit.

Schroder was convicted in November for misdemeanor child abuse, misdemeanor drunk driving and misdemeanor leaving the scene of an accident.

Thursday a judge sentenced Schroder to probation and was fined $820. The judge also issued a provisional 90-day jail sentence in the event that Schroder violates her probation.

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