Kampout For Kids

My favorite time of the year is almost here. Kampout For Kids kicks off Friday December 1st at Spikes Beach Bar and Grill 23rd and Judson. Why is it my favorite Blaze event? Because we’re able to help so many people. Family, friends, Blaze listeners etc. The Community Action Partnership does so many good things for so many people and we’re proud to help our community over the last 26 years. Kampout For Kids started in December of 1992. The Blaze wasn’t even a year old yet. Tim and the Animal set up a 6ft banquet table and a heater in front of what is now the Wells Fargo Bank building on the corner of 13th & O. They kicked off the 30 hour broadcast on a Friday at 6a and finished at 12n on Saturday. Trust me, a 30 hour live broadcast sounds as fun as it is. You’re up for 30 hours straight and you’re outside. Ultimately it’s worth it. The second year of the Kampout we set up at the same location. This time is was Tim and myself. Animal had moved out of state and I was morning show partner with Tim. The 30 hour broadcast raised just a bit more money and toys than the year before. The 3rd KFK was moved to the K-Mart parking lot at 27th and Cornhusker Hwy. It’s now Home Depot. We stayed there in an actual tent for just a few years before moving to a larger tent at Walmart 27th & Superior. The tents got a little bigger each year with additional event’s inside the tent. We tried Poker a few years and live bands. We made another move to Spikes Beach Bar and Grill in 20012. Trust me, being inside a warm building close to the bathroom and hot food is pretty awesome.

As soon as we wrap up the Kampout, we start working on the next years event. Through out the year we collect autographed posters, albums and guitars from bands that typically roll through the Bourbon Theatre. On occasion we’re able to get signed items from bigger bands at summer festivals. This year we have a signed Korn guitar that was obtained at the Chicago Open Air Festival. We love gathering up items for our rock auction. If you’re in the neighborhood of 23rd & Judson either Friday December 1st or Saturday December 2nd stop by Spikes and say hi. If you’re not able to stop at Spikes, but want to help there are 2 other ways to donate. Stop at a Stop n Shop location or Alohma Vapor location and pick up a donation badge. You may also donate on line on our web site kibz.com

Thank you in advance. Hope to see you at Spikes this weekend.



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