Judas Priest has been working on a new album to follow 2018’s Firepower. Speaking with ABC Audio, guitarist Richie Faulkner shares that the actual recording of the album is “almost finished.”

“I think we have some vocals to do, and then we’ve gotta mix and then master,” Faulkner says.

What comes after that, though, is a little bit more up in the air.

“We gotta finalize artwork and actually manufacture the stuff … make the vinyl and get that done,” Faulkner explains. “I think vinyl takes a little while these days, so it depends how long that takes to actually manufacture the physical product. So that’s the question mark.”

Still, Faulkner is optimistic that “it shouldn’t be too long now” before the next Priest album is officially done and ready to go. He adds that he and frontman Rob Halford spent some time in the studio recently recording vocals.

“It’s sounding great, man,” Faulkner says. “Hearing some new Priest stuff that we haven’t heard before with that legendary voice on is always an exciting thing to be a part of.”

While you wait for that, you can hear Faulkner shred with his new band Elegant Weapons. The group’s debut album, Horns for a Halo, drops May 26.

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