Avenged Sevenfold‘s experimental new album Life Is but a Dream… has certainly been polarizing among fans. So much so that guitarist Synyster Gates tells Metal Hammer that the album has meant “death” for the band for certain fans.

“I’ve been using this analogy: both of my parents’ favorite band is The Beatles,” Gates explains. “My mom hates everything post-Sgt. Pepper’s, my dad couldn’t care less about the early stuff. They both still respect the f*** out of it, but it’s not for them.”

He continues, “So, for my mom, Sgt. Pepper’s was the death of The Beatles, and I think for a lot of people this is the death of Avenged Sevenfold.”

While Gates has seen a lot of negative reactions to Life Is but a Dream…, the album’s also received a lot of positive feedback.

“For a lot of other people, it’s a birth,” he says. “The birth of a different band.”

Life Is but a Dream… was released in June, and includes the singles “Nobody” and “Mattel.” Avenged Sevenfold will return to the road in support of the record in March.

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