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I still don’t care

Just read an article on about the Slipknot Bassist V-Man finding out the he was outed as the new Slipknot Bass player. I found it interesting that he was so bothered by the unmasking. I find it even more interesting that someone went so so far out of the way to find out who this new Slipknot member was. He was identified by a tattoo on his hand. That’s some TMZ shit!

I still don’t care what the members of Slipknot, Mushroomhead, KISS, Static X masked Wayne Static, or Pappa/Pope from Ghost look like without masks. Does that make me weird? I mean that’s all part of the mystery. I grew up with KISS posters all over my bedroom walls. Even as a young man in love with KISS’s music and appearance did I honestly want to find out who was under the mask. I would have been happy to never see the KISS guys out of make up. I was disappointed that some a hole from GHOST outed the singer who handled his unmasking like a pro. Tobias Forge did what others would not have. He embarrassed it. Yeah that’s me, what about it? Still, didn’t want to know. Thank you a hole!

My point? Leave stuff alone. I don’t need to see behind the curtains. I don’t need to see your real face. I don’t really want to know if there’s Big Foot or Aliens. I like it much better to just wonder. I have enough of my own issues to take up my time.

If you agree with me, great. If you don’t see it like this, it’s fine. I’m weird like that.


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