I really like the “concept” of this record if I can throw that term in here. We all have crap we kick around in our heads and this album seems to give each one of those feelings a spot.


Track Listing:

Bow Down –  open the album with a COMPLETE FACE MELTER. Then you hit the clean vocals and it’s a super combo on this track.

Paranoid – love the vocal alterations – it’s great with the whispering!

Every Time You Leave – teaming up with Delaney Jane on this track, feels like one of those songs that we will get to hear a LOT in the future. Not exactly the most rocking song but shows another side of the band.

Rise Above It – Real surprising throw in here with Justin Stone on the track. Kicks some great electronic lo-end, Def one of those TURN UP songs.

Breaking Down – A track we’ve been on for several months, there’s a reason, what I feel the basis of what the record is about, it’s a pretty defining for the album.

DOA – the mix up between the rap/dirty and the clean vocals = SOLID. GREAT BALANCE!

Gasoline – Super Aggressive opening that DOES NOT LET UP. When they could’ve brought everyone around with a soft chorus, they literally stomp on the pedal. Watch your speed!

Hurricane – Caught me off guard. I thought I had changed albums. But it’s got a great wind up. You can almost feel the WIND whipping up. The vocals between Eric and Brian on this song really weld the song together.

Let Me Be Sad – great track, prob my favorite – it’s one those songs that’s not about loneliness or a pity party, but about “Hey, I need to recover from this, so let me be.”

Low – a song that brings us back to the the premise of the album, the lyrics “They tell me that I’m not enough, Is it my time? Is it my time?” While it seems a bit despondent, I believe that we always have the choice to press on.

Goodbye – THIS SONG. Stopped me every time I went thru the album. It clocks in at only 1:42. I’m sure the story behind this song is heartbreaking. You never said goodbye.

Deadweight – WOW. Good ol’ angry I DON’T NEED YOU track.

I Don’t Belong Here – We wrap it up with another song based on the albums premise. Regret. As they say, there is nothing more expensive than this.


Thanks for reading. I’m no critic. I write what I feel things/songs say to me. I could never trash something that I myself could not perform or arrange. Music is magic to me.

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