LINCOLN–(NU Athletics Aug. 14)–Nebraska offensive coordinator Marcus Satterfield met with members of the media following day 13 of fall camp. Satterfield addressed the plan for the offensive line this season and what that entails when it comes to their injured players.

“We have some guys coming back from injuries that will help us,” Satterfield said. “This is a great opportunity to see what these young kids can do. We have very talented and explosive players, and this gives them the chance to prove in practice that they can do it in the game. “

He also discussed the approach the offensive line is taking to address the different athletic traits in every player.

“We’re not an organization that is going to say, ‘well this is what you have to do.’ We have to figure it out,” he said. “We’re going to maximize the athletic traits of our kids and let them play freely.”

Satterfield also spoke on what the offense as a whole.

“So far, they’ve been great,” Satterfield said. “These kids are unbelievable. They’re unbelievable workers. They trust what we’re doing and how we do it.”

He also discussed what he’s been seeing from quarterback Jeff Sims.

“Jeff (Sims) goes about each day and just wakes up with a strategy and attacks,” he said. “He’s becoming better or tries to become better every single day. He’s becoming a leader in our offense, and he’s in a good spot.”

The Huskers will return to the practice field Tuesday as they prep for the season opener on Thursday, Aug. 31 at Minnesota.