LINCOLN–(NU Athletics Apr. 23)–Nebraska offensive coordinator Marcus Satterfield met with members of the media following the Huskers’ spring practice on Tuesday.

He discussed the plan for the quarterbacks during the spring game and what is important to see from them.

“The plan is that they’re all going to get a chance to play with all different groups. They’re still battling and competing with each other. What I want to see is them taking care of the football – securing the snap, taking care of the football, throwing the ball away when needed – just making sure that we have the ball at the end of every whistle.”

He spoke on the offensive development in the past few weeks and the execution level during last Saturday’s scrimmage.

“I think just our offensive operation. Execution is still not at 100%, but we know what to do now and we’re stepping in the right direction. Now, we just have to execute the technique at a little bit higher rate. Two or three weeks into it and getting a lot of football in the last few weeks, just naturally helped them improve and develop.”

Satterfield talked about the running back room and what the staff is looking for.

“They have their own little things that they do well. We’re just challenging them to go out and make plays and make people miss them. We want to see guys, if they’re in an open space, not get tackled by safeties or corners or DBs in general. Who can make people miss and who can hold onto the football? Who can win in pass protection?”

NU will continue with practice on Thursday. The annual Red-White Spring game is scheduled for this Saturday at 11am.

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