LINCOLN–(NU Athletics Aug. 22)–Nebraska offensive coordinator Marcus Satterfield met with members of the media following Tuesday’s practice. Satterfield addressed the level of preparation before the season opener next week and his main takeaways from Saturday’s scrimmage.

“We need to improve on the focus and the energy,” Satterfield said. “We want to challenge them. We need to understand the urgency and the level of focus it takes to play well. We’ve had times where we play the ball well and we’ve had times where we’ve made a couple of issues.”

Satterfield discussed the offensive line and his personal observations this first week of classes, as well as practice.

“I’m proud of them,” he said. “They are one of the most consistent and hard-working groups on the offense. It’s very personal to those guys, and they continue to make strides to be better every day.”

He also spoke on his main takeaways from Saturday’s scrimmage.

“We went into it with a focus on the operational issues and the tempo; just getting in and out of the huddle or getting subs in,” Satterfield said. “We worked hard at fixing some of those issues, and it led to us playing freely and starting earlier.”

Satterfield also discussed the younger players and their improvement.

“They continue to get one percent better every day,” he said. “Now that we’re not installing anything anymore and we’re just focusing on the playbook, the guys are starting to play with confidence. “

The Huskers will return to the practice field on Wednesday as they prep for the season opener on Thursday, Aug. 31 at Minnesota.