Holidays make me wish I was a kid again

This month is so expensive, it’s absurd. Between 3 different Secret Santa’s, 4 sets of parents, loved ones, etc… I’m fixin’ to be flat broke by 2019; what a way to start a year!

Lucky for YOU, we’re wanting to hook you up with $2,500 to make your Holiday spending a bit easier. That should cover your sister, her husband AND baby daddy, and her baby daddy’s two kids from his second marriage, twice removed (that’s how that works right?).

All you gotta do is download the Blaze App and look for “Appa Dappa” where you can register!

Appa Dappa!




And my Valentine is… Which Barstool Open course are you playing? Finally… a GVF song I’m not crazy about I stayed in a tiny rotating house… You know what this is about… Stop comparing GVF to Led