I’m proud to say most of my radio career has been in Nebraska. When I packed my ’78 Celica (I miss that car A LOT) in ’86 and moved here I was really hoping to continue my future in this ONE THING I ALWAYS WANTED TO DO.

My first station was in MO in a town called Monett. I worked long hours and learned EVERY that I could and did every shift I could. EVERYTHING.

When I moved here I found that the most badass station I’d ever heard was KFMQ. They played so much great music. I made it my focus to get an interview and get on that staff somehow.  NAILED IT. Overnights on the weekends. Then the rest (long, dirty and sordid0 is history.

Enjoy me at the 14:05 mark. Laugh it up. Nice hair, right? Worked with the ladies.