There’s apparently too much madness going on with Crazy Town for the Nu Metal Madness 2 tour.

(hed)p.e., which is headlining the tour alongside the “Butterfly” outfit, has announced that Crazy Town has been dropped from the bill after footage emerged this week of members Seth Binzer aka Shifty Shellshock and Bobby Reeves fighting backstage after a concert in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

In an Instagram video, (hed)p.e.’s Jared Gomes shares that his band “had to kick Crazy Town off the tour.”

“We’re not saints by any means,” Gomes says. “I’m not passing judgement on Crazy Town or Seth … because of what’s going on with Crazy Town, Seth needs help, we can’t just sit by while he’s on the road battling demons to the death. He needs to get off the road and deal with the s***.”

According to TMZ, which posted video of the fight, the altercation began due to a dispute over money after Binzer reportedly showed up late to a concert, leaving co-vocalist Reeves on his own to sing lead vocals. In between the blows, which appeared to leave Reeves bloody, you can hear them threatening each other’s families.

“If it was just a fistfight between band members, maybe I could be the first one to kinda mediate some s*** like that,” Gomes says. “But this is a lot deeper, it’s a lot messier than that.”

He adds, “(hed)p.e. doesn’t support the s*** that’s gone on, the s*** that’s been done or been said by Crazy Town.”

For his part, Reeves said that he and Binzer are “all good” and that the fight was “no big deal.”

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