Hard NO
Cooked turkey

I like most sodas. These two new sodas from Jones Soda will both be a HARD NO for me.

The Jones Soda Co. is getting into the holiday spirit early with two seasonal limited-edition sodas that showcase unique and innovative flavors. Ready? How about a nice ice cold bottle of Turkey and Grave soda? Maybe a Sugar Cookie Soda works better for you. NO? Then you probably won’t want to get involved in the chugging challenge. Jones Soda invites customers to post video of themselves, friends and family members chugging the soda. What’s in it for you? A chance to win a limited edition Turkey and Gravy challenge t-shirt.  Still HARD NO for me. IF you end up trying either of these, feel free to post your video on my FB pages. There’s absolutely nothing to win, but feel free to post the video anyway.

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