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Halloween Pt 1. Blaze Hell-o-ween

This is the best time of year. Hands down. We get way too spooky and start worshipping Satan just like in the good ol days.

Ok, we aren’t worshipping Satan so much as pretending to worship Satan, but come on, get into character with me.

We’re back with our annual Hell-o-ween party at Versus this Saturday and even though I can’t win the costume contest, I’M GONNA SCHOOL YOU IN COSTUMES. Just a reminder from last year, I was Katinka Ingabagovinanana and even though I was basically Mugatu’s sidekick, it was f’n boss.

This year, I am going a little more basic. Which is annoying because I really like to branch out and get creative. HOWEVER, I am fulfilling a childhood dream and finding my true calling. Guess what I’ll be?!

Come on Saturday to find out!


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