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Hacking the bad guys!


New technology will soon allow police to scan suspects’ cell phones and other devices in seconds.

Already being used by police in Scotland, the “Cyber Kiosk” is a desktop-sized machine that overrides encryption and bypasses passwords, Scottish officials say. Investigators only need to plug the device into the kiosk to immediately get information from it.

“Increases in the involvement of digital devices in investigations mean that demand on digital forensic examinations is higher than ever,” says Deputy Chief Constable Malcolm Graham. “Current limitations, however, mean the devices of victims, witnesses and suspects can be taken for months at a time, even if it later transpires that there is no worthwhile evidence on them.” Cyber Kiosks, he says, minimize “the intrusion on people’s lives.”

I’m sure unreasonable search and seizure will be USED A LOT here in the States!


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