(KFOR May 27, 2023) A grass fire in East Lincoln Friday afternoon damaged 3 houses and 5 adjoining backyards. In a news release Lincoln Fire and Rescue spokesperson MJ Lierman told KFOR news the fire started around 2:20 p.m. in the Eastridge neighborhood when someone was burning yard waste at their home on Mulder Drive. In the windy conditions, flames moved rapidly through the dry leaves and heavy amounts of cotton fluff that was in the yard igniting dry debris in numerous areas and along fence lines.

More crews were called initially to assist with the spreading fires, but initial crews were able to quickly extinguish the fire affecting the main structures. Fire had spread from the soffit into the garage space of the neighboring house.  All occupants were out of their houses when crews arrived. In total, 3 houses were affected, and 5 adjoining backyards were damaged. Inspector Jason Relford reports damage amounts of $300,000 across the three structures and properties.  The homeowner reported minor injuries and no reported injury by firefighters.