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Governor Sticks With Trump Support, Fischer Questions Syria Pullout

Governor Pete Ricketts said Monday that President Trump has his support.  Responding to a caller on the Governor’s Statewide Call-In Program, heard on KFOR, Ricketts said “I support the President and I think these impeachment calls are just way off base.”

Ricketts said he has read the transcript of the controversial call to the President of the Ukraine and “I just don’t see a basis for pushing forward on this.”

As to the impeachment inquiry launched by several committees in the Democratic controlled House: “Obviously it’s the prerogative of Speaker Pelosi to do so, but I think we’ve got bigger issues, like getting USMCA (The U.S. Mexico Canada Trade Agreement) passed, which will benefit the entire country that we should be focusing on.”


Nebraska U.S. Senator Deb Fischer added herself on Monday to the list of Congressional Republicans questioning President Trump’s pullout of American Troops from northern Syria. In a statement released by her office, Fischer said she is increasingly concerned by the situation on the ground in Syria, that The Kurds have been some of our strongest partners in the fight against ISIS, and the U.S. departure will leave a vacuum in the region which benefits Russia, Iran, and the Assad regime.

Fischer said that Turkey’s attack on the Syrian Kurds has, in her words, put the fight against radical extremism at risk, and has given ISIS and Al Qaeda an opportunity to regroup and grow. Fischer concluded by saying the national security interests of the United States require continued commitment to the mission in Syria, and now is not the time to disengage in the face of what she called Turkey’s reckless incursion.”

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