Governor, Sasse and Fischer All Criticize Biden’s Afghan Withdrawal

Lincoln, NE (August 16, 2021)  Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts on Monday joined the list of those criticizing the Biden Administration’s pullout from Afghanistan. The Governor called it “a failure of leadership that has endangered American Lives, and will likely result in the deaths of many Afghan civilians.” The governor said the U-S pullout has also created a “gaping power vacuum that will be filled by international interests that are adverse to the United States.”

The president delivered a nationwide address Monday afternoon saying he does not regret the decision.

U.S. Senator Ben Sasse issued the following statement responding to President Biden’s national address.

“President Biden failed to rise to the occasion. There’s an ongoing crisis at the Kabul airport and Americans didn’t need to hear his 2020 campaign speech — we needed to hear strength and clarity from the commander-in-chief. We need to clear the Taliban from that airport using overwhelming strength, we need to expand the perimeter around our people, and we need to hold that line until every last one of our people and heroic allies who sacrificed for us are out of harm’s way. Cut the crap about 1,800 relocations when there are tens of thousands who are stranded. Cut the bureaucratic speech about bureaucratic processes, and let our troops do what they need to do so we can start running planes around the clock.”

Senator Deb Fischer said “Thousands of lives are in imminent danger as our service men and women in Kabul work hard, under extremely dangerous conditions, to evacuate U.S. citizens and our partners.”

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