A Go-Fund-Me campaign has been started to help the iconic Lincoln ice cream shop, C & L Dairy Sweet be rebuilt after severe weather destroyed the business in Southwest Lincoln Sunday night.

Located at Coddington and West Van Dorn, the business was well-known for its lemon and pineapple ice cream cones, burgers, and friendly customer service. Fortunately, the C & L Dairy Sweet owner, Happ Loomis, and everyone inside got out okay.

KFOR news partner 1011 NOW reports that C & L Dairy Sweet employee Tiffany Blackwell said she was getting ready to leave work when she saw the rotation in the clouds and could faintly hear the tornado sirens going off in the distance. But she knew her mom who was working inside wouldn’t be able to hear the sirens.

“I ran back in there and said ‘get the girls out now’! Blackwell said.

Some of the employees went across the street to a house that has a storm cellar to take cover. But Blackwell’s mom was still inside.

“I came back down and said ‘Hey, let’s go’ and she said ‘Well, I have to finish this cheeseburger’ and I was like ‘Forget the cheeseburger, we gotta go!”

As of 5:00 p.m., Monday, the Go-Fund-Me has raised over $2,000 of its $10,000 goal.

If you would like to make a donation, visit gofundme.com/rebuild-dairy-sweet.

Two other businesses in west Lincoln were also damaged.

Frontier Harley-Davidson had the roof of its service center ripped off in the storm, leading to significant water damage.

Across the corner from Dairy Sweet, Lee’s Chicken was damaged in the storm as well. About 100 customers took shelter inside.

There are also reports that some people rode the storm out in their vehicles near Dairy Sweet and Lee’s.

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