Ghost‘s concert in Simpsonville, South Carolina, has been canceled due to the band’s equipment being damaged by rain.

The Swedish metallers had originally been scheduled to play Simpsonville’s CCNB Amphitheatre on Tuesday, August 29. During opener Amon Amarth‘s set, they were hit with, as a Ghost Facebook post puts it, “a sudden torrential rain” that “completely flooded the stage.”

“Our crew covered as many pieces of equipment they could with tarp, especially the electronics and computers, and moved other electronics back into trucks to protect them from the rain,” the post reads. “As the rain subsided it was clear that many of the key components of our show presentation were totally inoperable, mainly the sound and lighting control consoles, definitely a show stopping problem. All in all, it was impossible for us to perform and we told the venue this.”

Ghost adds, “We insisted the venue/promoter explain IMMEDIATELY to all our fans that were patiently waiting to be let back into the venue but were met with legalese.”

Meanwhile, fans were growing frustrated with the CCNB Amphitheatre’s communication on social media, which said that the show was “on hold [until] further notice” and that the venue was “attempting to put the show back up” before ultimately announcing that it was postponed until Thursday, August 31.

However, Ghost now says they are unable to play the makeup date since learning “it would take 2-3 days at a minimum for us to replace the electronic equipment to perform any show.” Refunds are being issued at point of purchase.

“We are heartbroken thinking about what all you fans were put through because of this,” Ghost writes. “We are sincerely sorry for the inconvenience, disappointment and irritation this has caused you all.”

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