If you’ve been to a Ghost show, you know fans will often paint their faces to pay homage to the band’s characters and mythology. Well, apparently nobody told the Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre of St. Louis, Missouri, which hosted Tobias Forge and company on Friday, August 11.

Ahead of the concert, the venue noted that “face or masks covering the face are not allowed while entering the venue or purchasing items at concessions.” This prompted much confusion from concertgoers in the comments; they asked if they were allowed to apply face paint once they’ve gotten into the venue and were told, “We do not allow face paint to be brought into the venue.”

After the show, the amphitheatre shared another post apologizing “for a miscommunication about removing face paint.”

“This was not directed by Ghost,” the statement reads.

Ghost also shared the Hollywood Casino’s apology along with the statement, “We wish to inform you that we will ALWAYS encourage creative expression, we will NEVER stifle it.”

Ghost is currently touring the U.S. in support of the band’s latest album, 2022’s Impera.

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