Recently, I’ve decided to get back on the death metal bandwagon checking out some new albums and going back to some older death metal tracks that I haven’t listened to for quite a while, so I thought I’d give all you metal fans a recommendation for your next metal kick!

My most recent endeavor with death metal has been Whitechapel’s new album The Valley released on March 29th this year.

I’ve had countless people recommend Whitechapel to me, and after listening to this latest record, I wish I would’ve listened sooner!

If you’re aware of how heavy Whitechapel is, you don’t need me to tell you how heavy and epic this album is! I’ve been listening to it basically non-stop for the past few days, studying, doing yard work, sitting around the house; and most importantly, BLASTING it in my truck with the windows down! (I may have gotten just a few dirty looks…)

But anyway, if you need a metal album to blast in your own vehicle…100% check out this latest stuff from Whitechapel!

I recommend “Forgiveness is Weakness”, “Black Bear”, and “Doom Woods” for your first listen, and you’ll want to hear the rest from there, I PROMISE you!

STAY METAL! Much love,

Brady \m/ (>.<) \m/

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