Get your Eagles Super Bowl 57 gear for CHEAP

Within minutes of the KC Chiefs winning Super Bowl 57, fans were able to get KC Super Bowl 57 winner gear.  So what happens to the Eagles’ championship gear?

Prior to the game the shirt company, not knowing the winning team, has to print up enough shirts and other merch items for both teams. That way hats and shirts can be given to the players of the winning team. What to do with the losers gear? The Eagles Super Bowl 57 winner gear will be sent overseas to needy people.

The CEO of the merch company has worked with the NFL for a number of years and repurposed the unusable gear to people who live in  Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Most of the recipients of the gear  have no idea who won the game and will not care. They’re just happy to have a new shirt or hat to wear.