The Lancaster County Board has agreed to apply for a grant, from the State Crime Commission, for gang violence prevention. The $83,000 dollar grant will pay for one officer and the supplies they need for Operation Tipping Point.

Sergeant Jeff Sorenson spoke on how the officer will be “mentoring for our youth in the community in order to steer them away from activities that would or could lead to gang associations.” Sorenson is a member of the Lincoln Police gang unit and said they work with youth from 10-18 years of age.

Since supplying one officer to work full time as a prevention officer, Sergeant Sorenson says “we are reducing the number of youth that are actually getting involved in gangs that get to the point of criminal investigation, or probation, or some sort of formal intervention.

The $83,000 from the State will be supplemented by $13,000 from the Lincoln Police Department.

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