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Four Courtyards at State Capitol Set to be Finished

The four courtyards inside the State Capitol will soon be garden spots. Lancaster County, Tuesday, became a $200-thousand dollar donor in the drive to create the courtyard gardens. The gardens were in the original plans of the Capitol building, but were never completed due to budget concerns.

For the past year, a group of former state senators has been raising the money to help finish them. Former State Senator Bob Wickersham told commissioners Tuesday morning that the ribbon cutting for the first of the four gardens, the southwest, is planned for a donor event on June 26th of next year. “At that time we should have the southwest courtyard completely done with irrigation systems and plants,” said Wickersham.

Wickersham told commissioners that the other three will have to wait for the completion of heating and cooling system remodeling on the Capitol. “The southwest courtyard was the one they completed first, if they can go through the courtyards faster then we’ll go faster. I think the latest that they will be completed is 2026.”

Former Senator Tom Carlson told commissioners the gardens were included in the original plans of the capitol. “The original plans were never finished and this plan does it. It’s the right thing to do, it’s a good contribution to the citizens of Nebraska, and we’re very very grateful,” said Carlson.

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