Jason Christopher, former bassist for Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor‘s solo band, claims that he’s been blacklisted in the music industry after being let go from the group.

In a lengthy Facebook post, Christopher writes that he was fired after testing positive for COVID-19 following a rehearsal in August 2021. Christopher says that he didn’t feel well during the rehearsal, but dismissed the idea of COVID since he was vaccinated.

Christopher tested positive the next day, and after telling Taylor, he “received an extremely unnerving text from him telling me that I knew I was sick when I was at rehearsal, and that my negligence could have killed his daughter, his mother in law.” Christopher says he apologized to Taylor, but “Corey, and his entire camp shut me out.”

“I was now completely blacklisted from a ‘career’ that I was finally able to say was starting to get somewhere,” Christopher writes.

Should Christopher be trying to rectify the situation, we’re guessing that what he writes about Taylor’s CMFT solo album won’t help matters.

“80% of that music was absolute garbage, and none of my real friends hesitated to tell me that when the first album came out,” Christopher writes.

Meanwhile, Alicia Taylor, Corey’s wife and founder of the Cherry Bombs band that frequently tours with him, has issued an Instagram post in response to Christopher, saying that he was not fired for contracting COVID-19, but because he didn’t adhere to the testing protocols set for the entire band, which asked all members to test prior to rehearsals.

“The irresponsibility of not doing his part by getting tested in advance so that measures could be taken is why he’s no longer here,” Alicia writes.

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