Flamin’ Hot – THE BIO-PIC?

Eva Longoria is directing a new biopic on the Frito Lay janitor, who came up with the Flamin’ Hot seasoning, called Flamin’ Hot.

Jesse Garcia will play Richard Montanez, who is the one who created the popular flavor that has taken over all the chips, and the trailer is available on YouTube.

Eva said in 2020, “It’s a beautiful story about the Mexican janitor who worked at the factory and invented the hot Cheeto, and saved people’s jobs, and couldn’t read or write when he started.”

She continued, “His whole life, he was told ‘no. That opportunity’s not for you, ideas don’t come from people like you…’ And he was like, ‘Why not?’ It’s a very beautiful story [about] the man and his journey and how he succeeded in a world that tells you no.”

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