First Lady Endorses Pansing Brooks For Congress

LINCOLN, NE (October 11, 2022) – Nebraska First Lady Susanne Shore endorsed Democratic Congressional Candidate Patty Pansing Brooks in a newly released video today, highlighting their shared passion for children.

“I’m passionate about helping all of our children thrive and succeed: mine, yours and those across Nebraska,” Shore said in the video. “I want to make sure those who can’t always advocate for themselves have a person in their corner fighting for them. During my time as your First Lady, one legislator has proven that she will always use her voice to fight for not only those kids and their families, but for all Nebraskans — that’s Patty Pansing Brooks.

“From her work to guarantee legal counsel for our youth in the juvenile justice system to her advocacy for survivors of heinous sex trafficking crimes, Patty has shown that she is not only tough on crime, but relentless in her work to uplift those who need it the most,” she said. “If there’s one thing Patty has proven during her time in office, it’s that she will have your back. I’ve seen her do it in the Legislature, I’ve seen her do it for our kids, for women and for families.  And in Congress, I know she’ll do it for you.

“During these times when so many important challenges are being faced and issues are being decided, we need someone who will stand for us. Patty is exactly the type of leader I would be proud to call my congresswoman.”

Governor Pete Ricketts has endorsed Republican Mike Flood in the race for Nebraska’s First District Seat in Congress.