Finally… a GVF song I’m not crazy about

You KNOW I love me some GVF… <meta> <3’s Greta. But the latest single, “You’re the One” just isn’t my favorite. It’s simply time that I admit to myself that they aren’t perfect, they aren’t gods, and they aren’t incapable of a track that makes me say “meh”. To be honest, it just feels basic.

There had to be one. Just one, teeny tiny little song that doesn’t make me go goo goo for Kiszka, who is also struggling with laryngitis and missing the Australian leg of their tour.

Just a lil confession for your Friday.

Happy freakin’ weekend Blaze Army!



And my Valentine is… Which Barstool Open course are you playing? I stayed in a tiny rotating house… You know what this is about… Stop comparing GVF to Led And this is why I shouldn’t have done a resolution.