Fight at Correctional Center in Lincoln Injures 4 Inmates

(AUGUST 13, 2021)   The Lincoln Correctional Center (LCC) LCC will remain on modified operations* throughout the weekend following a fight at the facility Thursday morning.  Three inmates went to the hospital for medical evaluation.  One was treated for serious injuries* to his face.   A fourth inmate was treated at LCC by medical providers, also for serious injuries.

It started before 10:30 a.m. in one of the housing units when several inmates started throwing punches at each other.  Inmates from an adjacent housing unit broke out two windows with a table.  Inmates from a second housing unit began to fight with inmates in the first housing unit.  Staff members broke it up by deploying chemicals (oleoresin capsicum).  Eleven inmates have been identified for their involvement.

LCC was on lockdown* for several hours today.  The Nebraska State Patrol was notified and sent investigators to the facility. LCC will remain on modified operations* throughout the weekend, so that staff members can conduct targeted searches for contraband in the housing unit where the altercation occurred and in other areas of the facility.  Inmate visits will be canceled during that time.

Results of the investigation will be provided to the county attorney for determination of criminal charges. The NDCS disciplinary process will be utilized with sanctions, such as loss of good time, applied according to the rules and regulations.

*Assaults with serious injury: A serious injury requires urgent and immediate medical treatment and restricts the person’s usual activity. Medical treatment should be more extensive than mere first aid, such as the application of bandages to wounds. It might include stitches, use of Dermabond or other topical adhesive, setting of broken bones, treatment of concussion, loss of consciousness, etc.

*Lockdown: A significant and unusual action taken to restore order and ensure the safety of everyone inside a facility. All inmates are confined to their cells, and are under direct escort any time they are outside of their cells.

*Modified operations is defined as, actions taken to more closely control movement of inmates within a facility due to safety and security needs. Can include confinement in cells of a portion of the inmate population, cancellation of program/work activities, and direct escort of certain inmates – as determined by the warden/designee.

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