Feds Investigating Fortenberry Fund Raising

Washington, D.C.  (October 4, 2021)  Nebraska’s First District Congressman, Jeff Fortenberry, says he’s facing Federal Prosecution.  In a new online fund raising page, Fortenberry says “Biden’s FBI is using its unlimited power to prosecute me on a bogus charge.”

The Washington Website Axios quotes a Fortenberry spokesman as saying that the investigation has to do with campaign contributions believed to have been made illegally by a Lebanese-Nigerian billionaire to more than one Congressional Republican.

The report indicates that the FBI is investigating efforts by a foreign national to illegally funnel money to U.S. Political campaigns, including Fortenberry’s.

The Fortenberry spokesman is quoted as saying “The people involved in that scheme were prosecuted and no charges were filed against him. This legal expense trust was established in part to address costs associated with that investigation.”

The article also says Fortenberry’s campaign committee has retained a California law firm that specializes in White Collar criminal defense, according to Federal Election Commission records .

Fortenberry has represented Nebraska’s First District, which includes Lincoln, since 2005.