LINCOLN–(News Release Aug. 3)–Lincoln Transportation and Utilities officials today announced that in order to comply with federal requirements StarTran is making changes to routes that serve Lincoln Public Schools students.

In July, the Federal Transit Administration notified StarTran it must make changes to its school booster program routes to meet FTA requirements, or risk losing funding, LTU Director Liz Elliott said. The FTA provides nearly 80% of StarTran’s annual operating budget of $15,468,327 for FY2022/2023.

Effective Monday, September 18, changes mandated by the FTA will require StarTran to end a seven-route transportation booster program for LPS students. In order to comply with FTA regulations while continuing to provide service that supports transportation to and from schools, StarTran will increase service times during peak hours on six fixed routes frequently used by LPS students: 13, 27, 40, 41, 44, and 53. Those service times will increase from every 30 minutes to every 15 minutes during peak hours year-round.

The bus routes increasing service across Lincoln beginning Sept. 18, 2023. (Courtesy of Lincoln Transportation and Utilities)

Currently, all but two middle and high schools have City bus stops within seven blocks or less of a school. StarTran is also proposing to install an additional bus stop on Route 52 in north Lincoln. If approved by the StarTran Advisory Board, this route will help serve students in the Fallbrook neighborhood and those living west of Highway 34.

The change is expected to impact more than 250 middle and high school students who regularly ride StarTran during the school year. Students at the following schools may be affected by the change: Culler, Goodrich, Lux, Moore, Schoo and Scott middle schools, and North Star and Northeast high schools.

City booster routes will continue from the first day of school on Monday, August 14 through Friday, September 15.

“StarTran is proud to support our community by providing a sustainable transportation option for Lincoln students,” Elliott said. “We remain firmly committed to providing transportation services to all members of our community, including students.”

Carla Cosier, Assistant Director of Transit, said the City will continue working with students and families to help them update their bus route plans to and from school. StarTran team members plan to attend middle and high school open houses next week to assist in updating student bus plans.

For more information on StarTran services, visit or call 402-476-1234. Bus riders can also download the RideLNK app to get real time bus location information.

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