LINCOLN–(KFOR May 3)–Members of a faith-based organization rallied in front of the Hall of Justice in downtown Lincoln Friday morning, calling on local officials to increase pre-trial diversion, specifically for those non-violent drug offenders that are in jail.

The Rev. Oscar Sinclair of the Unitarian Church of Lincoln is co-president of Justice in Action and told KFOR News and other reporters they have met with Lancaster County Attorney Pat Condon before, but they want to continue the conversation of doing more in helping people that are not violent offenders.

“We want to be in dialogue with the officials that the community elects because ultimately they are the ones that can affect change,” Rev. Sinclair said.

The group showed up Friday in hopes of continuing the ongoing dialogue with Condon, who apparently was not available.

Rev. Sinclair said, from his point of view, the exchange Justice in Action has had with Condon has “been candid” and while there have been items neither side agrees with, he says Condon has shown a willingness to be in the conversation.

“One step along a process that leads to a more just and equitable city,” Sinclair added.

On Thursday night, approximately 2,000 people gathered for a Justice in Action meeting at St. Mark’s United Methodist Church to further call to action in helping non-violent, misdemeanor offenders go through pre-trial diversion.  One of the items the group would like Condon to do is do away with the 90-day deadline to apply for diversion and eliminate the participation costs.



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