Extra Sales Tax Collection Ends

Mayor Chris Beutler Wednesday reminded local businesses that the quarter-cent public safety sales tax ended October 1. He said his office has received reports that some businesses have continued to charge the additional tax after the ending date.

“I want to again thank voters for approving the three-year tax to provide our public safety professionals with the tools and facilities the need to do their jobs,” Mayor Beutler said. “I urge all retailers to review what they are charging to ensure that they are no longer charging the quarter cent.”

Retailers who have continued to charge the quarter-cent tax after October 1 should contact the Nebraska Department of Revenue for information. The State’s 5 1/2% rate, combined with the 1 1/2% city rate, should equal 7% added to taxable purchases.

Although the tax collection has ended, the City will receive two more monthly installments of revenue. Once those are received, the projected three-year total is expected to be about $38.14 million. The funds are being used for a new emergency radio system and four new fire stations, one a joint Police-Fire facility in southeast Lincoln. The total cost of all the projects is estimated at $36 million. No decision has been made on how to use the remaining revenue from the sales tax.

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