LINCOLN–(KFOR Apr. 3)–No censure for one Nebraska lawmaker accused of using a fellow lawmaker’s name on the Unicameral floor during a reading of a rape story.

Members of the Nebraska Legislature’s Executive Board on Wednesday morning voted 8-1 to issue a letter reprimanding Hastings Senator Steve Halloran, who is accused of sexually harassing colleagues on the floor of the Legislature on March 18.

That same executive board, though, voted 9-0 to publish the investigation into Halloran’s comments that happened that evening during debate on a bill that would enact criminal penalties to anyone providing obscene material to minors.

Halloran used explicit words and the name “Senator Cavanaugh” during debate on March 18 while reading a passage from a book depicting a rape incident. The book, “Lucky” by Alice Seabold, which Halloran said could be found in at least 16 school libraries in Nebraska and was assigned reading for some accelerated reading classes. The reference of “Senator Cavanaugh” appeared to be directed toward Omaha Senator Machaela Cavanaugh.

Grand Island Senator Ray Aguilar, the chair of the Legislature’s executive board, said a report found Halloran’s remarks would not constitute a so-called hostile work environment, but it did violate the Legislature’s workplace harassment policy.

An outside investigator found through reviewing transcripts and video, that Halloran did use verbal abuse of a sexual nature. The investigator added that Halloran’s remarks did not constitute a hostile work environment or sexual harassment.

Senator Machaela Cavanaugh, who requested the censure, said she is disappointed in the decision. She filed a motion for censure against Halloran, who will be term-limited after this session.

Senator Aguilar did note the investigation is not necessarily over, since it was reported that Halloran made inappropriate jokes in the days that followed.

Lawmakers on Wednesday took time on the floor to blast the decision made by the Executive Board.