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Don’t be an April Fool

As America’s least favorite holiday approaches, here’s some ideas of what NOT to do.

  1. Tell people you’re knocked up if you aren’t – Especially if you’re trying to fool your partner, that’s just mean. And posting something like this on social could have unforeseen consequences. Many women try to conceive for years and jokes like this are über hurtful. Just don’t do it. It’s overdone, it’s insensitive, it’s lame.
  2. Fake a positive COVID result – Too soon. Plain and simple.
  3. Switch out your roomie’s shampoo with super glue – There’s a big difference between an innocent prank and something truly evil.
  4. Fake an injury – Especially to your mom. Your fake car accident could give your mom a real heart attack and nobody wants that.
  5. Tell people you’re getting a divorce – You might regret this one when people start coming out of the woodworks to praise the fact that you’re finally leaving that POS husband. Yikes.

Here’s some harmless and hilarious pranks that you definitely SHOULD try out. Let me know how they work out in the Facebook comments.

  1. Carmonica – Use duct tape to attach a harmonica under the hood of your victim’s car. Eventually they’ll hear a wheezing sound coming from their engine that they have to check out. Bonus points if you’re with them and can film the whole thing.
  2. Rearrange the kitchen drawers – This one is sure to drive your wife absolutely insane.
  3. Send a “We need to talk” text to literally anyone – The context is important, and someone might think you’re about to break up so… choose your victim wisely.
  4. Groundhog’s day – Change the date on computers and calendars so that your victim believes it’s still March 31st. They’ll be unsuspecting of the prank and just think they’re going nuts.
  5. Text bubble – Keep your victim endlessly waiting on your text reply by simply sending through this .gif. They’ll be anxiously watching their phone expecting the novel you’re writing to come through at any moment.

Happy pranking!

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