Don’t be a baby

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I really wish politicians would say what they really thinking. For example. This bill SUCKS. It’s the biggest pos I’ve ever ready. I would actually respect you more for being honest. Here’s another example. I hate Trump. He’s the worst president ever! I mean seriously, don’t they really want to say that. Don’t be a baby. Just say it. That goes double for the media. Just tell everyone you’re real feelings. Why pussyfoot around it? Just say how you feel. Write that shit in the newspaper. Say it on the headline news. Type it out on your blog. You know what I mean. Just day what you’re thinking. If someone is a POS then call it out. He’s a POS for…

This will never happen except in small groups of friends or relatives but I wish it would. I would have mad respect for someone to stop being so damn politically correct and just say what they’re really thinking. I don’t talk about politics or religion on the air during my time with you so that excludes me. The reason I don’t spout my feelings about these subjects is because you get so much negativity during the day in the newspapers and other news organizations. I want to make your afternoon drama and bad news free if at all possible. We deserve a break from the negative crap that we’re hit with day in day out so I don’t spend anytime pushing it.  I hope you respect me for that. If not F off



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