In addition to names like Paul McCartney, Rob Halford and Joan Jett, Dolly Parton‘s upcoming Rockstar album includes a collaboration with Kid Rock. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the country icon talks about why she wanted to work with the controversial “All Summer Long” artist.

“I did a song with Kid Rock on this album,” Parton says. “Of course I did that before the controversy that he had, but somebody was talking to me the other day, ‘How could you do this [song] with Kid?’ I said, ‘Hey, just because I love you don’t mean I don’t love Kid Rock. Just because I love Kid Rock don’t mean I don’t love you.’ I don’t condemn or criticize. I just accept and love.”

Parton doesn’t specify to which controversy she’s referring — Rock has certainly ruffled many a feather over the years — but he made headlines this year when he shot up a case of Bud Light after the beer was promoted by transgender influencer and activist Dylan Mulvaney.

“Like I said, I had done [the song] before, but I’d have probably still done it, because [Rock] is a gifted guy, and that song was about a bad boy,” Parton says. “It was about a boy that was cheating and mistreating her. But like I say, I love everybody. I don’t criticize, I don’t condone nor condemn. I just accept them. But anyhow, just because I love you don’t mean I don’t love Kid Rock in that God way.”

In response to a question about her thoughts on cancel culture, Parton says, “I think that’s terrible.”

“We all make mistakes,” she says. “We don’t all get caught at it. But also when somebody makes a mistake, it depends on who they are. That’s what God is there for.”

Rockstar drops November 17.

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