If Slipknot was ever to get a biopic, frontman Corey Taylor has some ideas on who should play him.

Speaking with Metal Hammer, Taylor shares that his first pick would be Taron Egerton, noting that they’ve “got the same build.”

“He’s got the neck,” Taylor notes of Egerton. “He’s stockier than I [am], but I’ve had times in my life where I’ve been pretty f****** fit and I just think body-wise he’d be spot on.”

Of course, Egerton’s already starred in a music biopic, having played Elton John in the 2019 movie Rocketman. If Egerton’s not up for another one, Taylor has another choice.

“If I had to do it at my age now, I’d probably say Tom Hardy,” Taylor says. “He’s scrappy and just doesn’t give a f*** — he’s one of my favorite actors. I could see him pulling off the passion I’ve got when I just wanna rip the mask off and scream in everyone’s face.”

Who knows whether a Slipknot biopic will ever be made, but while you wait to see their story on the screen, you can catch the masked metallers live this spring and summer at a number of U.S. festivals, including Welcome to Rockville and Inkcarceration.

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