Dirty Honey is launching a U.S. tour supporting their upcoming album, Can’t Find the Brakes, on Wednesday, October 18, in San Francisco. Speaking with ABC Audio, frontman Marc LaBelle teases what you can expect from the shows.

“Obviously a bunch of new music, for starters,” LaBelle shares. “We’re really excited, obviously, for a bunch of people to hear that.”

LaBelle adds that the music itself won’t be the only thing new about Dirty Honey’s live presentation.

“I think there’s definitely gonna be a little bit of an initiative to create a little bit more of a show around what we’re doing,” he says. “I think the music is a little bit more theatrical, and how we translate that to the stage is gonna be a definite, conscious decision.”

Can’t Find the Brakes, the sophomore Dirty Honey album, is due out November 3, but if you catch the tour before then, you’ll be able to hear it a bit early. Leading up to the record’s official release, Dirty Honey plans to offer copies of Can’t Find the Brakes at each show.

“When we found out the delivery times were a little bit ahead of a schedule, we were like, ‘Let’s just do it, that’s gonna be awesome,’” LaBelle says. “I think people are gonna love it.”

Dirty Honey’s tour will also feature “Blackout” rocker Austin Meade on the bill.

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