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Dave Grohl loves the Misfits?

I’ve been a fan of punk rock legends The Misifts for many years. They’re not for everyone but I like them. When I first heard the band in the mid 80’s I wasn’t much of a fan. At that time I was really into LA Sunset Strip bands. The Misifts weren’t even a band at that time. Glenn Danzig was full on into the band Danzig and the rest of the remaining members were not in the spotlight.

It surprised me to read this article that start out as…. Believe it or not, Dave Grohl wasn’t really a fan of the Misfits before his daughter influenced him. That’s awesome! In a recent interview Dave said his daughter found the band and loves listening to them so Dad should as well.

Dave admitted that he didn’t like the Misfits growing up but has come around after his Daughter made him sit down and listen.

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