Founding Saliva frontman Josey Scott is teaming up with the band’s current vocalist, Bobby Amaru, for a song in honor of late guitarist Wayne Swinny.

Speaking with the Battleline Podcast, Scott reveals he and Amaru are “gonna do a song together called ‘Horizon’ that is Wayne’s swan song.”

“It was the last song that Wayne played on,” Scott explains. “So I’m really excited to do that.”

Saliva had already recorded a new album when Swinny passed away. In a statement in April, the group announced they planned to release the album with the support of Swinny’s family. They also intend to keep touring and donate a portion of the money brought in from performing to Swinny’s daughter, Nikki.

Scott, meanwhile, has been touring under the moniker Josey Scott’s Saliva.

Swinny co-founded Saliva and was the last remaining original member in the group’s lineup. He died March 22 after being hospitalized with a brain hemorrhage.

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