LINCOLN–(KFOR Dec. 13)–Crime Stoppers this week takes a look at a case where someone apparently was trying to force their way into a home near 21st and “F” Street back on December 2nd.

There was someone home alone at the time and originally thought it was a family member that came back home. However, according to LPD forensics technician Becky Keller, there was knocking at the front door and later at the back door. When the family member did get home, both victims saw on their security system footage of a woman trying to get in through a porch window, too.

Keller says the residents do not recognize the woman seen on the video.

Meanwhile, Lincoln Police are also asking for your help in finding out who was responsible for a December 6 hit and run involving a Dodge van that collided with a vehicle trying to pull out of the Casey’s parking lot at 70th and Havelock. Keller says the van didn’t stop, after speeding through the parking lot.

Van seen in suspected hit and run from Dec. 6, 2023 at the Casey’s off of 70th and Havelock. (Courtesy of Lincoln Police)

The van has several large windows on both sides and one of them, on the passenger side, appeared to be broken out with a temporary red cover of some kind.

If you have information on both of these cases, call Crime Stoppers at 402-475-3600 or visit