LINCOLN–(KFOR June 6)–Lincoln has been designated as a lighthouse community due to the high-survival rate for cardiac arrest victims.

As part of CPR and AED awareness week, Lincoln Fire and Rescue spokesperson MJ Lierman encourages everyone to learn CPR because by-standing CPR helps keep people alive while paramedics are on the way. She says chest compressions are recommended first.

“The chest compressions are good for the first few minutes when someone is in cardiac arrest because it works by pushing the remaining oxygen in their body through the body and keeps vital organs alive,” Lierman added.  “It buys that person time.”

Lierman says to keep a good rhythm of chest compressions, follow the beat of songs like “Stayin’ Alive” by the Bee Gees in your mind.  Lierman also recommends downloading the PulsePoint app on your phone or tablet, where notifications can be sent to you if someone nearby has gone into cardiac arrest and you could offer CPR until help arrives.

LFR does offer CPR training classes for anyone to take.  You can click the link below for more information on class times and to register.

Lincoln Fire and Rescue CPR training

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