It looks like Corey Taylor is throwing cold water on a fan theory about the identity of the next Slipknot drummer.

As previously reported, the masked metallers parted ways with drummer Jay Weinberg, who’d been in the band since 2014, earlier in November. Since Weinberg’s departure, Slipknot-ologists have been searching for clues that might hint at a possible replacement. They soon found a candidate in Jeramie Kling, former drummer for Venom Inc.

As evidence, these fans pointed to Kling’s recent departure from Venom Inc., which was announced in a November 8 Instagram post, just days after the Weinberg news broke on November 5. Then, on November 19, Kling posted another Instagram post featuring a photo of new drumming gear tagged with #im666, which the Slipknot faithful read as a reference to the ‘Knot tune “The Heretic Anthem.”

Before you get too convinced, though, Taylor seemingly addressed the rumor in a social media post on Monday, November 27, reading, “To everyone wondering about our new drummer…It’s not him.”

“Stop letting him troll you,” Taylor adds. “He’s not even on the list.”

While Taylor doesn’t explicitly say who “him” is, he concludes the post with #hesnot666.

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