Confessing my sins

Confessing my sins….I finally broke down and downloaded music. I know, I said I WOULD NEVER DO THAT but I have. Forgive me.  My phone contract was up so I picked up an Iphone 7 and I’ve already downloaded 7 full albums. I’m still an old school guy, or maybe just old, I like physical copies of my favorite albums. It is awesome however to have those same albums at my disposal when needed. They came in handy on a recent vacation. I sat next to a lady and her baby on a plane. Having some music to listen to was great!!!! I know you would totally agree with that.

There’s a lot of great music out there now. I’ve been listening to September Mourning ,Beartooth and Mastodon as of late. They’re all SOLID albums!

Very excited to hear the new Marilyn Manson. The original title was Say10. He’s since changed it to Heaven Upside Down. If the new album is half as good as Born Villain or the Pale Emperor then sign me up!!

Music makes life better no matter how hard it kicks you in the head.  Plug it in, crank it up.




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