A group has been formed to promote the Sales Tax increase which will appear on Lincoln’s April election ballot.  The “Fix Lincoln Streets Now” coalition lists its address as 1128 Lincoln Mall.  Its stated purpose is to raise Lincoln’s local sales tax for six years to improve streets.

The filing, with the State’s Accountability and Disclosure Commission, says the group had raised more than $5,000 as of January 31.  It lists Lincoln Attorney Danay Kalkowski as Treasurer and Retired Banker Brad Korell as Assistant Treasurer.  Bob Caldwell of NEBCO co-chaired the Citizens Transportation Task Force, which has studied the condition of streets in the City and recommended the increase to the City Council earlier this week.  The Council approved placement of the question on the ballot in its meeting Monday.

The increase, which voters will be asked to approve, is billed as a way to raise $78 Million in six years to repair, build and improve streets throughout Lincoln.