LINCOLN–(News Release Jan. 19) The Center for People is the newest place to take Southeast Community College (SCC) classes, starting Monday, Jan. 22, 2024. Onsite classes begin Jan. 22. Located on North 27th Street, the Center for People is now an instructional location of SCC. Becoming an SCC learning space makes the long-standing partnership between the Center for People and Lincoln’s only community college visible. 

Fifty (50) SCC students will take Microsoft Applications and Communications courses taught by SCC faculty at the Center for People in morning and afternoon classes. The potential to add additional SCC courses is strong, though not confirmed.

Over 463 participants have successfully earned an associate’s degree at SCC through the People Obtaining Prosperity Program. Currently, there are 110 active POP scholars.

For more information about the POP Scholarship and other Center for People education, training, and career development programs, contact Education Director Shanon Meyer at 402.476.4357 or [email protected]. To learn how to become an SCC student, visit their website –